Transportation guarantee service

Transportation guarantee service
1. Purchase the transportation protection service on the checkout page, and the ordered goods will be protected from the risk of loss, damage and delay.
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2. Protect ordered goods from loss, damage and delays.
3. Reduce and eliminate customer complaints caused by logistics and transportation related issues

Guaranteed currency for all parcel orders destined to the United States and Canada: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, NZD

Uninsurable goods
Items in the following categories are not included:
Cars and motorcycles/Jewelry (valued over $1,500)/Boats and yachts/Cash/Wood/Ceramics/Marble or granite tiles/Slab countertops or statues/Negotiable coupons/Cigarettes and other tobacco products/Perishable goods/Raw cotton/Art (valued over $10,000 each)/Precious stone and metal/Flowers/Scrap steel and steel products; Automobile engines; General second-hand automobile goods made of metal/Glass windows, plate glass and similar items/Securities